Monday, September 24, 2007

Nokia 8801 Review

Nokia 8801 Review - A very expensive stainless-steel shelled cell phone, the Nokia 8801 packs quite a punch - at least to your wallet. At eight hundred dollars, you will be emptying your pockets on this luxury slider. Can a cell phone really be worth the extreme blow to your budget?

In the United States, this question won’t trouble you buy it online as it isn’t yet available through a U.S. carrier. It is available only on Nokia’s website.

The phone’s small style can hamper some, as it takes a second or two to even figure out how to open it.

The 8801’s display is amazing. It has a 265,000 color TFT LCD screen. With a 208 by 208 pixel 1.75 inch display, you can’t go wrong. The animated menus are fine, but looking a little older as time passes - this phone was released last year.

The Nokia 8801 features a keypad that is black and backlit. The beginning/end keys are about where the soft keys should be though, so beware. The volume keys on the side of the phone are gone.

The charging stand glows blue. It’s as if your phone is put on for a show.

The Nokia 8801 has a good music player with shuffle and repeat options. With FM radio, you can always have music.

Without the option to expand the memory, some missing or under performing features, low battery life, and high prices, you can expect a debate over this one.

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