Sunday, September 30, 2007

2007 Jaguar X-Type Review

The 2007 Jaguar X-Type is available in the 3.0 from $34,995 and the Sportwagon from $39,995. The 3.0 is powered by a three-liter, 227 horsepower V6 as an automatic transmission with five speeds. The wheels, measuring sixteen inches are constructed of alloy in the Antares desig with an option for Aruba or Bermuda.

Occupants are protected by double-level air bags as well as those mounted in the seats for coverage of impact to the side. Bags in the curtain position shield passengers in the outboard position to both the front and rear.

The moonroof can be controlled with a single touch. Seats are trimmed in premium leater with the trim on the door and console featuring sapele wood. The audio combo unit has 120-watts of power and there is an option for an entertainment system (DVD-based) for backseat passengers that plays across double, seven-inch screens (LCD.)

The 2007 Jaguar X-Type Sportwagon has seventeen-inch Bermuda wheels and silver rails on the roof that are fixed. The windshield wipers are climate aware and the headlamps automatically engage and disengage. The window on the vehicle's tailgate will open independent of the door itself. Flexible configuration of seating allows the Sportwagon to carry as many as three passengers. Throughout the vehicle you will find twenty-eight storage compartments and there is a power outlet in the main cargo area. The Aline audio unit has 320-watts of power and includes a radio (AM/FM) and a CD player.

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