Thursday, September 27, 2007

2007 GMC Sierra Classic Hybrid Review

Expect to drop anywhere from $29,300 to $33,525 on the 2007 GMC Sierra Classic Hybrid. As an extended cab truck with four doors, the Sierra Hybrid will hold up to six. Choose from four levels of trim ranging from a standard box with 2WD to a standard box with 4WD. The base engine package is a 5.3-liter V8 hybrid engine producing 295 horsepower. Given the configuration, you can expect to get about 17-18 mpg around town and 19-21 out on the highway.

Returning from 2006, the Sierra Hybrid picked up a slightly more stylish exterior, a shade more cabin space, and doors that provide access to 170 degrees. Maximum towing capacity is an impressive 10,500 lbs. Overall, the truck gets good marks for comfort and performance as well as reliability and handling. Long story short, this one is good value for your money -- a powerful truck with an eye toward the inevitable future, less reliance on gas-powered engines.

The 2007 Sierra Classic Hybrid isn't the ultimate hybrid truck, but it's a good start toward moving alternative fuel technology into larger form factor vehicles. Although neither airbags in the curtain position or the available stability system are standard, the Sierra Hybrid is still well-outfitted and more than worthy of a test drive if you're interested in a truck with a smaller environmental footprint.

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