Friday, September 28, 2007

2007 Infiniti M Review

There are five models of the 2007 Infiniti M series including the M35 ($41,450), the M35x AWD ($44,550), the M35 Sport ($44,250), the M45 ($49,100), and the M45 Sport ($50,550). The M35, M35X, and M35 Sport have a 275 horsepower, 3.5 liter V6 with an automatic transmission with five speeds and a mode for manual shifting. The M45 and M45 Sport rely on a 325 horsepower, 4.5-liter V8 with the same transmission.

Estimated fuel consumption on the M35 and M35 Sport is 18 city, 35 highway. The M35x AWD gets 17/24 and the M45 and M45 Sport each get 17/23. Safety measures include double front air bags deployed according to data collected by sensors for both the seat belts and the classification of occupants. In addition there are bags in the curtain position to shield against impact from the side and bags in the rear of the head restraints. When car seats are used they are secured in place with the standard LATCH anchoring system and there is a latch in the trunk's interior for emergency release.

The standard audio unit on the 2007 Infiniti M is a combo unit with a changer in the dash capable of handling six discs and providing for the playback of MP3 and WMA files. Sound is played over six speakers. Gauges on the M Series are illuminated and the steering wheel, wrapped in leather, tilts. There is an incorporated display measuring seven inches to display information relative to interior climate, vehicle maintenance, and operation of the hands-free Bluetooth telephone system (optional.)

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