Thursday, September 27, 2007

2008 Honda Accord Hybrid Review

The 2008 Honda Accord Hybrid has not been the most popular of the currently available hybrid automobiles to date, but it does get excellent highway mileage in a larger package than most fuel efficient sedans. For an MSRP range of $31,685 to $33,685 you can expect to get about 28 mpg around town, but an impressive 35 out on the open road.

The Accord Hybrid is equipped with a sturdy V6 and a battery-powered electric unit that in theory gives the main engine an assist during acceleration. This arrangement worked great with the first Insight and Civic hybrids Honda introduced, but the Accord's V6 works so well it doesn't need any help from the electric motor. It is this choice of hybrid configurations that keeps the Accord Hybrid from operating at full hybrid capability.

A positive, however, is that the engine does have a VCM or "Variable Cylinder Management" system. This means that when less demand is placed on the engine three of the six cylinders are deactivated - hence the great mileage on the highway. With the contribution from its electric motor, the Accord Hybrid merits inclusion in the Advanced Technology Partial Zero-Emission Vehicle (AT-PZEV) emissions category.

In terms of trim, the Accord is a comfortable, full-featured sedan with all the amenities you'd expect for the price. In an emerging class of hybrid vehicles, the 2008 Honda Accord Hybrid midsize sedan contributes modestly to environmental health by its use of hybrid technology. Being noted for its excellent emission control in EPA tests, the Honda Accord scored 8/10 in greenhouse gas emissions,

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