Friday, September 28, 2007

2007 Infiniti G Review

The 2007 Infiniti G Coupe is available in two models, the G35 for $33,450 and the 6MT for $34,050. The base model is powered by a 275 horsepower V6 (rear wheel drive) as an automatic transmission with five speeds. The 6MT jumps to a 293 horsepower V6 with a manual transmission with six-speeds. The G35 gets an estimated 18 mpg city, 25 highway with the 6MT registering 19/26.

Standard features include automatic control of the cabin temperature with microfiltration and door locks that are powered. There is an inside trunk release and an entry system with illumination and a delayed interior effect for fade-out of the lights. The armrest in the front incorporates a compartment for storage with a power outlet build in (automatic transmission models only)

Occupants are protected by a two-level system of air bags that are deployed according to the input of sensors monitoring both the use of seatbelts and the classification of the occupants. In addition, the G coupes have bags on the side and the curtain position to shield against lateral impact. Child car seats are anchored with the standard LATCH system

The standard audio system is a six-speaker AM/FM radio with a changer in the dash capable of handling six discs and including MP3 playback capability. There are two antennas in the glass. The tuner detects which of the two is drawing the strongest signal and automatically uses that antenna.

The 2007 Infiniti G Series Sedan is offered in five models: the G35 ($31,450), the G35 Journey ($31,900), the G35x AWD ($33,950), the G35 Sport ($33,450), and the G35 Sport 6MT ($32,250). All are outfitted with a 306 horsepower, 3.5-liter V6. The G35, Journey, and G35x all have an automatic transmission with five-speeds. The Sport and Sport 6MT have a manual with six speeds. The G35 base, Journey, and Sport models each get 19 mpg city and 26 highway. The G35x AWD registers 19/25 and the Sport 6MT 19/27.

Standard features on the 2007 Infiniti G include simple ignition via a push button, automatic adjustment of cabin temperature, and remote locking of the doors. Occupants are protected with a comprehensive airbag system equal to that on the coupe. The standard audio combo plays across six speakers and includes MP3 capability.

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