Sunday, September 30, 2007

2007 Mazda B-Series Pickup Review

The 2007 Mazda B-Series trucks are offered in six models: the B2300 regular cab ($16,170), the B3000 Cab +4 ($19,675), the B3000 DS regular cab ($20,310), the B3000 DS Cab +4 ($22,065), the B4000 Cab +4 ($22,680), and the B4000 SE Cab +4 ($27,225). The B2300 has a 2.3-liter, 16-valve 4-cylinder while the 3000 models have a 3-liter, 12-valve V6. The 4000s are outfitted with a 4-liter, 12-valve V6. A manual transmission with five speeds is standard on all models except the B4000 SE Cab +4, which has an automatic transmission with five speeds.

Average payload capacity for the B-Series is 1,260 lbs. with the B3000 Cab +4 jumping to 1,680. The base B2300 model can pull loads of 1,580 lbs. with the manual transmission and 2,260 with the automatic. The B4000 SE Cab +4 with the automatic can handle 5600 lbs. Estimated fuel economy on the base model is 24 city, 29 highway with the manual and 22/26 on the automatic. At the top of the line the B4000 SE Cab +4 with the automatic gets 16/20.

All models of the 2007 Mazda B-Series trucks have occupant protection via a full array of front airbags. The bag shielding the passenger's seat includes a deactivation switch. Additionally, the doors contain beams designed to absorb the impact of a collision from the side.

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