Monday, September 24, 2007

2008 BMW M5 Review

With minor changes to its exterior, the 2008 BMW M5 Sports Sedan is still a classic 4-door 4-passenger sports sedan that satisfies all the requirements to be hailed as a super car. The M5 deserves such superlatives due to what is under its sculpted hood: a totally new 5-liter 10-cylinder engine that lives up to its displacement specs by pumping out 500 horsepower and accelerating from zero to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds. To feel the full extent of the V10's wrath, the optional fully manual transmission can put the M5's 383 ft-lb of torque at your beck and call. The single trim level has enough standard equipment and options to satisfy the ardent road raptor as well as the incurable technophile.

The majority of the 2008 changes go to the interior of the M5 with the driver-centered cockpit more stylish and ergonomic than ever. Cowhide wraps the tiller and covers the super comfortable seats while wood accents the dash and doors to impart an aura of understated elegance. To amplify the excitement of driving the BMW M5, slip in your favorite CD and marvel at the 360 degree rotunda of sound that envelopes you, created by the Logic7 acoustics platform. Testament to BMW's penchant for technology, the 2008 M5 boasts an intrinsic wireless system which has GPS, emergency assistance, and theft protection.

The high price tag on the 2008 BMW M5 is, in part, accounted for by its legion of standard features including, 7-speed sequential transmission, aluminum alloy 19-inch wheels with high-traction tires, fully adjustable seats, hydraulically enhanced energy-absorbing collision protection, and a tire deflation sensor system. Optional on the new M5 is the fully manual transmission, a heads up driver information display, and a fold-down rear seat with trunk pass-through. Only you can say which accessories best fill your individual needs in your M5. BMW has taken your requests and made some of the more popular accessories available like a sun visor CD holder, manual or digital tire pressure gauge, or a security alarm system.

Just as important as the performance features in the new 2008 BMW M5 are its safety features, which are as innovative as they are effective. BMW offers a system designed to maintain the stability of the vehicle regardless of the road or driver dynamics. With sensors and controllers to prevent skidding, wheel locking during braking, and loss of traction when accelerating, BMW has effectively enhanced your control of the M5 when negotiating many different hazardous situations. The shock absorbers on the BMW M5 are enabled to adjust to different driving conditions and speeds, giving the M5 the stability of firm suspension in high speed situations and a softer setting for casual driving conditions. Airbags have saved thousands of lives on the highway, and BMW employs some of the most effective airbag configurations available, netting the M5 a high rating in frontal crash testing.

As powerful and maneuverable as the 2008 BMW M5 is, it still outperforms many in its class in fuel economy, with 12 mpg in the city and 18 mpg on the highway. The M5 handles well, with its smooth rack and pinion steering, and instant braking due to its oversize brakes. As a sports sedan, there can be no debate, the 2008 BMW M5 Sports Sedan is a classic that ranks supreme.

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