Tuesday, September 25, 2007

2007 BMW X3 Review

The 2007 BMW X3 is the smallest SUV in the automaker's stable. Receiving a long overdue makeover since its introduction in 2004, the X3 now sports a 3-liter inline V6 (the same engine used in the 3 series) and delivers an additional 35 horsepower over the old model taking the total to a pleasing 260 hp. Expect to pay around $38,000 for this sporty little performer that, when outfitted with the standard six-speed manual, jumps from zero to sixty in only 6.9 seconds.

The front bumper and spoiler on the X3 have received a make over although the 2007 looks like previous models when viewed from the side. (The rear lights have been re-tooled to accommodate more efficient LEDs, however.) Inside you'll find a steering wheel with three spokes and upgraded materials throughout in a two-toned color scheme.

The engineers didn't stint on the technology while enhancing the looks of the 2007 BMW X3. You'll get traction control with significantly enhanced performance and pre-tensioning on the brakes as well as a system for drying the brakes in wet conditions, assist for hill starts, and brake fade compensation. Roll it all together, and you have the best BMW offers in a well-appointed, top-performing sport utility package.

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