Tuesday, September 25, 2007

2007 BMW M6 Review

The 2007 BMW M6 is a standout -- even in a stable of cars as impressive as that of Bavarian Motor Works. The V10 under the hood (5 liter) churns out 500 horsepower allowing the driver to take full advantage of seven speeds from a manual sequential gearbox. Just hearing the engine turn over makes your heart race a little -- with good reason. The M6 makes the zero to sixty leap in just 4.6 seconds. An electronic governor stops the M6 at "only" 155 mph, but you get a sense this one would literally fly without that artificial limitation.

Whether you opt for the coupe or the convertible, you're buying into a fierce performer. Expect to pay around $99,100 for the coupe and $104,900 for the convertible. Both are marked by trademark BMW luxury for the interior detailing as well as by exterior lines that are both subtle and powerful. Trim out the cockpit in wood grain or carbon fiber, select merino leather for the seats, and tune into a premium audio system by Logic 7 feeding through thirteen speakers. There's no way you can drive an M6 and not feel at the top of your game -- really at the top of the world -- an exceptional BMW for exceptional drivers.

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