Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Samsung SGH-D807 Review

Slim enough to match up with the RAZR, the D807 measures 97 x 52 x 15 mm and weighs in at just 98 grams, rather thin and lightweight, but not impressive with the influx of similarly slim devices.

The Samsung D807's most dramatic feature is its large 176 x 220 px 262K-color screen. Offering exceptional resolution with vivid imaging, the state-of-the-art LCD is the centerpiece to the D807's impressive design.

Below, 4-Way Keypad with Select Key, Connect and Disconnect, and Left and Right Keys allow users to navigate without having to open the D807. But the arrow buttons are quite small, make functionality a bit difficult.

The multi-function port for Headsets, Accessories, and the Charger can be found along the left side near the Volume Keys. But with an irregular connection port for the Headset, consumers will have to purchase special headphones for the D807. Along the right side, an expansion slot accepts microSD memory cards.

Located on the other side the screen, an integrated 1.3-megapixel camera is revealed when sliding open the D807, ensuring the lens protected when the slider is closed. Capturing pictures up to 1280 x 1024 px in resolution, the D807 provides good quality photos that can be used for printing, allowing consumers to leave the digital camera at home.

Easily opened with one hand, the spring-loaded slider reveals a slightly recessed keypad. With the buttons connected, the smooth appearance is a beautiful design element, but is rather difficult to type on, being unable to differentiate keys from each other by feel.

Overall the D807's obvious appeal is its stylish, sleek look with a vibrant LCD set off by the matte-black finish and chrome trim. Similar in dimensions to the RAZR, the D807 is as compact as any of the latest ultra-thin phones on the market, fitting tastefully in any pocket.

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