Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Samsung SCH-U740 Review

The soft, metallic champagne colored casing fits well with its fairly bright 1.1-inch external screen. However, the touch-sensitive music controls on the exterior are difficult to activate. Also, the left hand side charger outlet also serves as a headphone outlet, which means simultaneous charging and listening are impossible unless the two interior independent speakers are put to use. The buttons can only be used when the music player is on and the keys lock. Every time a track needs changing, the U740 must be unlocked and without a strict locking setting, those with wandering fingers might accidentally skip the track while grazing their finger over the pad. Smarter exterior buttons include a left-hand side volume control and expandable microSD memory card slot on the right hand side along with a speakerphone key.

The U740's interior has a slew of buttons in addition to its unique QWERTY keyboard. A typical rounded arrow button pad is customizable with its options. Also, an automatic camera/video camera button links to that function. A direct button also activates voice recognition, which is often spotty. But with all these great options, the keys are still crammed and users with fingers bigger than a regular pen-size point might find it difficult to use.

Out of the box, the Samsung SCH-U740 comes with an 800 mAh Li-Ion battery, Travel Charger, 2.5 mm Headset Adaptor, and User Guide.

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