Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Samsung SGH-D307 Review

Offering a rather ordinary exterior, the rectangular D307 is rather plain, a sharp contrast for the ultra-thin fad to sweep the market. Having a boxy 94 x 48 x 22 mm frame and weighing 122 g, the D307 is reasonably sized; small compared to most PDA phones, but large enough for quick text messaging.

On the front, the D307 is a minimalist, featuring only a monochrome 96 x 96 px external LCD. However, convenient access to voice functions is available through the Voice Key on the right side. Activating voice dialing in idle mode, the same key also turns on the speakerphone. On the left, Volume Keys adjust earpiece volume during calls, and ringer volume in standby mode. The Connection Port is located on the bottom.

When opened, a 176 x 220 px internal screen is revealed, capable of showing a brilliant 262K-colors. But the highlight is the D307's revolutionary dual-hinge design. Allowing consumers to use it two ways, the D307 opens both vertically (as a phone) and horizontally (as a PDA).

Depending on which mode the D307 is in, the QWERTY keypad has different functions. Opened vertically (like a normal phone), the top portion functions as the 5-way directional keypad (W, A, S, D, and X keys) with Left and Right Softkeys (Z and Q). The bottom half works like a normal 12-key numeric keypad. Opened horizontally, a 30-key keyboard is supported by additional Option / Menu, Back, and Symbol Keys, and a 4-way directional keypad.

Out of the box, the Samsung SGH-D307 comes with a standard 800 mAh Li-Ion Battery, Travel Charger, Battery Door, Welcome CD, Quick Reference Guide, and User Manual.

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